Larkhill Equestrian

Eventing and Schooling

Health and Safety rules of the course: 

  • Hats - BSI Kite marked PAS015 or BS EN1384 must be worn at all times when mounted, with the chinstrap fastened
  • A body protector must be worn at all times
  • Proper riding footwear must be worn at all times when mounted
  • All Children 16 years old and under must be accompanied by an adult at all times
  • Everyone must take reasonable care to avoid and prevent accidents occurring
  • It is advised that riders have their own public liability and personal accident insurance
  • Report immediately any defects or problems with the jumps or the course
  • All dogs must be kept on leads at all times

Disclaimer:We accept no responsibility for any accident, damage, illness to horses/ponies owners, riders ground spectators or property whatsoever.

RIDING, ALTHOUGH A LOT OF FUN, IS STILL A RISK SPORT AND ANYONE PARTAKING DOES SO AT HIS OR HER OWN RISK. General Hazard Warnings for Salisbury Plain Training Area... The course and its surroundings are sited on a MOD range and training area, where live ammunition has been used.

Please observe the following precautions:

  • Approach and leave the course using the signed routes and tracks. Do not stray from these routes of the environs of the course.

  • Please note that although we have been given range clearance to use the course on the dates mentioned, if at all you are asked to leave the course by a member of Larkhill staff or the military, please do so.

  • Do not touch any suspected munitions or unfamiliar objects even if you think they are safe or harmless. Any such objects must be reported to the booking secretary or secretary's tent.

  • Be on the look out for overgrown trenches, bomb craters, scrap metal, wire and trip flares.It shall be deemed a condition of entry that neither organisers nor landowners nor their agents shall be held responsible for any loss, injury, damage to competitors, onlookers, their property, horses or ponies, howsoever caused.